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Example Model Dress-Batik Muslim for Teenagers Latest 2015

Example Model Dress-Batik Muslim for Teenagers Latest 2015 – Where have the appearance of modern, fashionable and latest for every man and woman is one of the special needs used to menunjang all the activity to look neat, elegant and also increased confidence for pemakainnya. But who knew dress-batik muslim can also be made as one of material penunjang to give trend clothes muslim for with teen where synonymous always wanted to make gaul and stylish. Curious isn’t it how the word about model dress-batik muslim teenager modern this? Let’s keep getting it on to the next one.Example Model Dress-Batik Muslim for Teenagers Latest 2015

Example Model Dress-Batik Muslim for Teenagers Latest 2015

Well, most people teen always gets cravings-want to have a fashion designer where besides to menutupui flesh was also used for problem fashion. The heart has a fashion dress-batik Busana muslim Batik Etnik latest for teenagers will be very giving the impression of CONFIDENCE and makes the wearer would be comfortable wearing fashion designer muslim the in all routine kesehariannya. But you need to know bahwasannya dress-batik muslim always direlasikan with model dress muslim parents tend to have a trait too old or old-fashioned so that the teenager reluctant to wear the clothes-batik muslim that should not fashionable and modern.

Dress-Batik Summer Teen Trend 2015

But don’t think clothes muslim that just diperuntukan by the parents just because the truth has now present various aneka dress muslim for teenagers latest are already a lot of diminati and gemari because of having a model dress-batik teenage muslim modern and a muslim-batik teenage fashion. Don’t wonder if your clothes-batik muslim model now this is a little different that do with the adults, because now the prey market dress-batik muslim has entered the teen to always have and still love-batik yet still not leave the nuances of modern and fashionable.

Dress-Batik Muslim Teenager

To more clearly know how to model dress muslim latest for teenagers we provide some collection of clothes muslim for teenagers where berisikan photos dress muslim modern and a picture of a dress-batik muslim latest that allows you can be inspired so that eventually you can make the creation a dress-batik muslim teenager fashionable the disenangi by among teenagers. Reviews-reviews it was given so that you can clearly choose and distinguish between which clothes-batik summer teen about model dress-batik muslim adult. In the presence of the thing that later you will more easily where the clothes muslim are suitable for teenagers and spared from the mistakes clothes-batik muslim to grow.

That dab of information we can present about Model Dress-Batik Muslim Trendy nowadays. Good sajian example clothes muslim we give you desire, but if if there are some pictures dress muslim modern less fit then we’re sorry for the lack of such. As a reviews other we give an alternate that’s about Model Dress-Batik Muslim Big Size, you know you desire to see it. So we thank you and we wait for your visit back to stay together with a collection of design clothing muslim latest other.

Easy way to Create a Chance of Effort New Success

The most appropriate to get a job is by creating opportunities business for yourself. Especially, for those of You who feel bored with work right now and want to get a new job, then berwirausaha is the answer.

Easy way to Create a Chance of Effort New Success

With berwirausaha will open opportunities new for yourself and others. This means, to be a wirausahawan don’t just change Your status to become an entrepreneur but will also help change the economy of the others.

The process to start nor create a chance effort it’s not an easy thing, it takes the notion or idea of the effort brilliantly to later on effort the effect can walk smoothly and is able to reap success.

Obstacles like that’s very fair if perceived, but that doesn’t mean such a thing can be a reason to stop creating chance effort, because if we learn from wirausahawan that’s successful, then we will find the answer and here tips easy to create chances the effort.

1. See a problem in the neighborhood

Looking for ideas to create opportunities effort starts from the environment around You, for instance to notice a problem. For example if the problem is there is hard to get food instantly healthy, then You could try to open a business food.

Of a problem area, try to find a solution, then so You will emndapatkan idea effort what’s a good time to run.

2. Jelly in exploiting opportunities

To create chances of effort new needed kejelian, which means that not only must be capable of analyzing the problema is there however You also be prosecuted for the jell-o in make the most of it.

The ability to analyze this is what eventually will help You in determining the kind or field of business what fit to created based on of the needs of the market. You don’t have to start a business with a large scale effort home though also quite promising.

3. Sort out a chance effort based on its potency

In looking for ideas of course will occur to a wide variety of business, well Your job is to sort out which types of efforts that have the potential to be the biggest to be successful.

Important points to consider when determining the kind of business, is the amount of demand the market will work that You will create in the area. The bigger then the better, but of course competition is also getting bigger.

4. Give a plus

Value Added or value add is one thing to have into consideration when trying to open business new, because surely to be able to compete then it’s a product that should have a value more than the product kompetitor.

A plus not to have to of each the price is cheaper, it is much more important if You give the points of each quality, so we don’t have to always compete on price.

5. Create opportunities business unique

To create opportunities business unique or different from the other, then required these people creative. In this process You actually need a team or a colleague to help You in looking for ideas business unique and of course still has a target market.

If You managed to create a unique and undertaking acceptable to society, then society will regard Your efforts as pioneers not pengekor.

6. Start small to reach a bigger

For those who feel afraid to compete in business with the level of competition is tough, then start with small first, after You made it with success, will come with a renewed excitement to compete at the level the heavier.

So the concept is like making the effort a little as a stepping stone to achieve business bigger, better in terms of funding or competition for the market.

7. Always berinovasi

The biggest challenge in opening the business not actually make it be at the top of success but how do You in maintain the undertaking to always be at the top of.

Innovation is the key. Competition continues to rise will force You to think critically, if you slippin’, then your opponent won’t hesitate to replace Your position as champion.

From the seventh easy way to create a chance of effort new I gave it up I expect it can give you the enlightenment for You to start undertaking new and for those of You who may be ‘ limitations in finding the idea effort what is good to run, then I suggest to read the article here’s 6 ideas effort a sideline that proved potential in the year 2016.

The history of the volcano: the form and process of the formation of the mountain

The history of the volcano: the form and process of the formation of the mountain

The history of the volcano the form and process of the formation of the mountain
The mountain is a land that soars higher than any other Mainland, usually this mountain has steep slopes. Mount merapi is a mountain in the middle or diporosnya there is an active fire channels called larvae, it can reach 10 KM from the surface of the mountain up to the belly of the Earth.

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History of Mount merapi

History of Mount merapi

The history of the formation of Mount merapi or fire mountain?

The formation of the mountain starting from a geological process, where the onset of a pressure from inside the belly of the Earth which causes the movement of Earth’s plates (tectonic) on a large scale in the direction of the Earth’s surface.

Thus while erupting volcano could eject a lot of substances contained in the belly of the Earth, such as gas, smoke, lava, volcanic ash and volcanic bombs.

The volcano formed in the various types of measures, there is no definite theory in the determination of a measure of this volcano. But the general shape and size is a form of shield, Cone and stratovolcanoes.

Shield volcanoes are formed because they form a shield-like lay low on land. Where the form sebeah bulge above the surface, the flanks of the mountain shield-shaped, these usually have a low slope, the process of the formation of matter from the same eruption of magma from bowels of the Earth. Examples include Mount Mauna Loa are there in Hawaii.

Cone-shaped mountain is a type of mountain that almost everything is made up of magma that erupts. The abundant magma by gas pressure and blasted British and there the formation process of cone-shaped mountain. Therefore these cone-shaped mountain resembles a pile of sand because it is formed from magma that fell from the cold air. Therefore if the mountain erupted lava being no apparent direction, having reached the Summit of Mount lava will melt the lowest mountain outside other goto.

And mount merapi stratovolcano type, where the mountain is terdudu from lava flows and volcanic materials are bad as ash. This stratovolcano is located in some of the continental crust. It looks like a dish that combined with a cone. It is very easy to spot because of the symmetrical kerucutnya forms. An example is Mount fuji in the country of Japan.

That’s some process of formation of a type of Mount merapi and the history of the world. As a country that has many mountains we should also know with different kinds of shape of the mountain.

that is information about merapi in midle java that have different beatiful.

Way in Hair With Treatment Natural

Way in Hair With Treatment Natural

Way Menghitamkan Hair. In Indonesia, most people have black hair due to a dose of normal. Only a few people who have hair coloured tanned or maybe it’s rosy, it’s also caused by various factors. Adapula who has hair the color of white, called uban.

To begin with uban among others on account of

Age not terbilang young again
Stress your mind
Intensnya the use of oil hair or a shampoo that don’t fit
Flush the hair with water which is not clean
Nutrition bad
The symptoms of a disease

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Hair the black is always considered to be fertile and healthy. That’s the reason that makes some people hunt the way menghitamkan hair with treatment natural. While, some others prefer menghitamkan hair by way of practical and instant, though the price is expensive they would get koceknya, of course, only to the circles above.
Way in Hair With Treatment Natural
Way Menghitamkan Hair
By the way, natural doesn’t mean it’s not sure he succeeds. Precisely, to start the way menghitamkan hair natural hair becoming more healthy. While the way practical most use chemicals or tools that directly give the impact of the bad against the hair.

Many of the herbs traditional to make black hair fast that You can use, they dihimpun from various sources like HomeRemedyShop.
Way Menghitamkan Hair
(c) Beauty Lish

1. Water tea shop
Way natural menghitamkan hair the first is to apply a potion treatment traditional of water the tea ceremony. This treatment was easy and cheap, so anyone can do it. Before use, the tea should man all night so khasiat from tea leaves it out completely and ready to help through You.


Make a cup of tea without the sugar, freeze all night.
In next morning, wet hair with water tea available all night last (tea ceremony).
After five minutes or so, rinse hair with water and shampoo.

Way menghitamkan hair with a tea shop to run regularly. Besides the black hair will You earn, the growth of gray hair is also obstructed because of the womb like zinc, vitamins, calcium, and some minerals other useful to encourage fast hair growth black with menormalkan dose.

2. Fruit Avocado
Avocado being a fruit delicious nan common. Various treatment can be done by avocados, like melembabkan skin and menghitamkan hair natural.

How menghitamkan hair with avocado?

Get one fruit avocado fresh.
Up and take the meat with a spoon or tool special plow the flesh of the fruit.
In the bowl penampung, mixed water squeeze of lemon nipis. Punched and lumatkan until mixed.
Rinse hair with clean water, continue with membalurkan medicine penghitam hair natural it evenly.
Wrap hair with a hat bath special (shower cap).
Freeze one hour while You do the routine another.
Last, rinse your hair with regular water and don’t forget to use shampoo that is suitable for after hair net from the potion.

3. Seeds Jiblonkas
Color black from the jiblonkas it looks disgusting. But who nyana that seeds are that can be used to menghitamkan hair with the extra oil coconut.

3 Design Roof House Modern Most Popular in tangerang

3 Design Roof House Modern Most Popular

Roof Model Sandar Unique to the House Mininalis 2 Floor

Roof Model Sandar Unique to the House Mininalis 2 Floor (Realestate)
Choice Model Roof Home Elegance

The roof of the house with the characteristics of modern more and more preferred like for instance the design of the roof saddle, roof flat, roof sandar, until the roof shield. Here’s the explanation in more detail.
The Roof Model Of The Saddle

Roof the Model the saddle to be the most chosen jasa rumah from diverse design because it looks the most simple. To model this roof consists of 2 side and then
3 Tips Decoration Bedrooms For Home Elegance

3 Design Roof House Modern Most Popular

Many people think that bedroom is the room most important to them. The bedroom is the function main as a place to rest to unwind after a long day beraktifitas, so decor bedroom must be considered in such a way. But besides that, in this very room sometimes people also relax, find inspiration, or just do a hobby they.
decorations bedroom elegance with the color of bright

decorations bedroom elegance with the color of bright (Dwellhomedecor)

In the “garden of zen” this is where You can express Your character with sebebas-free because this is where the most private for You. Then what if the size of the bedroom is not too broad or often called with elegance? Well, here is some panduang in design decoration bedroom.
The Decor Bedrooms For Home Elegance Modern

Along with the increasingly high price of land, cot-cot is simple with the vast land was limited to the more diminati by society especially berdomisili in urban areas. Although size not too big but with the design of modern architecture, houses this cute little can strived to meet the needs of the entire family, including for the bedroom and decor bedroom elegance. Excess of have bedroom is not too broad is You don’t have to spend energy big and a waste of time to clean it up, especially when You are a person busy and active.
decorations bedroom cute modern with furniture simple

decorations bedroom cute modern with furniture simple (Dehouss)
Ideas Decorations Bedroom Elegance Small

Room bedroom narrow real can strived to be look spacious with a few tricks the way to determine the decoration bedroom narrow:
Choose the color of paint the walls bright

To make room in the house to be spread widely one of the basic things that should be noticed is the selection of the color of the wall. You’d better forget about the color-the color of dark because the room Your room to be looking bleak and narrow. Color-the color to make the illusion field on a room is the colour-bright colours and soft. It is not always going to give the impression of feminine if bedroom the later is for men.

12 Place Tour Pulled in Makassar Sulsel

12 Place Tour Pulled in Makassar Sulsel

12 Place Tour Pulled in Makassar Sulsel
Region Sulawesi South (Sulsel) has a lot of place of tourist draws including the object, a vacation in the city of Makassar. As the largest city in the South east, this town has many location’s adequate, so fit as destinasi vacation. Any object in the game (theme park), nature, the place historic, and the location of the culinary’s mandatory you try kelezatannya. You’re planning a visit to Makassar in the near future? Please compared to this guide here.

Guide 12 sightseeing for a vacation in the region of Makassar and surroundings that became the pride of the island of Sulawesi covering:

The Beach Losari. Nice place that is very suitable to view the sunset at the edge of the beach this is one of the favorite visitors. Feels like it’s not big but the atmosphere and many of the food like a banana epe’s dijajakan here always make tourists miss and always return to the beach tour makassar
Trans Studio. Located off the cape Flowers are very exotic place. The location of the game near the beach this is a theme park, an indoor very spacious and the biggest. There’s a lot of the rides you have to try at Trans Studio.

The Island Samalona. Island exotic that it is just 2 kilometers from the beach Losari, this is a paradise coral reefs are very beautiful. This condition is similar to the atmosphere of Gili Trawangan being the place to tour famous in Lombok. The name Samalona was very famous in the world. A lot of tourists foreign or domestic ever dive and enjoy the beauty of the garden of the sea in this place. Are you interested in here? Find a dock at Losari!the island samalona.

The mountains Karst (limestone). Its location in Rammang-rammang in the region of Maros Pangkep, Makassar. You never see the beach Pandawa who became one of the tour’s new in Bali, known as the beauty of the cliffs kapurnya? Well in Rammang-rammang, a row of mountain limestone (karst) that created this is the biggest and the largest jail in the world number two. And, interesting, the air here is very cool and comes with some sightseeing of nature like caves Feathers, rock the Palm of your Hand and the lake Sprites.
Fort Somba Opu. Sightseeing historic in Makassar is mandatory you visit.

A relic of history since the days of sultan Gowa it has a lot of info is interesting for you about Sulawesi South. Here you can also see the house custom a Tribe of Bugis, mandar, and Toraja. Even there is also a cannon weighing nearly 10 tons and the museum relic the empire Gowa in Fort Somba Opu.

Fort The Tip Of Point Of View (Fort Rotterdam). This castle has a history for both the nation of Indonesia. First kompeni need a year to be able to control the region of Sultan Hasanuddin. And interestingly too, sightseeing is also used ever as a place of detention of Prince Diponegoro.

Location Tour Culinary Jogja Is Very Moving Tongue

Location Tour Culinary Jogja Is Very Moving Tongue – Talking about Yogyakarta, certainly can’t loose with a name tour culinary is moving the tongue to stamp in Jogja. This place has many location that sells food is delicious the mandatory we sambangi. From food traditional until olahan modern be description special and rarely sold in other places. Usually the visitors are on vacation and enjoy the beauty of tour Jogja, try to visit either the location of the culinary famous in this town.

Location Tour Culinary Jogja Is Very Moving Tongue
Tavern Tree House

tree house jogjaUtamanya is tour culinary in jogja. But keunikannya is the place to eat a location high enough and shaped like the tree it was in Bluyah Rejo Yogyakarta. Located around one kilometre from the Obelisk. This place is said to be able to accommodate hundreds of people at once. No wonder if you like unique this is often taken as a come-together group in particular want to eat it all at once take a picture of in the altitude, as it was in the trees. Fun, isn’t it?
Angkringan Coffee Joss

angkringan coffee jossNongkrong drinking coffee in a place angkringan is unique near the train station Obelisk in Yogyakarta it was pretty fun. It’s not just the atmosphere of the night became the charm tour package, but because of the way penyajian coffee quite strange. Every glass of coffee dicelupi charcoal heat are said to be able to neutralize the caffeine of coffee. The results of scientific research, this indeed proved to be powerful lowering the caffeine in the coffee. Weird and unique. Like in other towns haven’t found a way penyajian unique and traditional like this, but the use of scientific knowledge. Of course should you try.

Fort Vredeburg Yogyakarta also have a space library, space seminar, discussion and training as well as meetings, study groups, living room, Mushola, and guide. Museum Fort Vredeburg opened to the public every Tuesday to Friday starting at 08.00 WIB until with hit 16.00 WIB while in the Saturday and Sunday starts at 08.00 WIB till with at 17.00 WIB, holiday national this place stay open while every day, Monday closed. For the ticket entrance per person house cost as big as Rp. The 1,000,-. Are you interested in visiting somewhere historic which now have a function right?

As for the location of the place sway the tongue known delicacy in Yogyakarta which are:

Stall Lesehan Malioboro
culinary malioboro jogja

Lesehan Malioboro

The way the most famous it has a unique, at night, namely the existence of a stall-stall lesehan as the culinary worth a try. There are various food traditionally sold in this place. Saking famous as the location of this, a lot of tertuang in the song nor the movie about the road Malioboro Jogja that lure visitors at night about food for sale. You can taste gudeg, pecel lele, sate goats and dozens of kinds of food other. It is said that the term “lesehan” which is a place to eat without a seat (sitting on mats), started from this location. You’re interested to try it?

Museum Fort Vredeburg Over The Function Of The Right

Museum Fort Vredeburg Over The Function Of The Right – Museum fort Vredeburg which is at the center of the city of Yogyakarta has been having orderly function of the right to the modern like now. If at the beginning of the construction, the museum is used as a camouflage instead of a want to protect the Keraton was built sultan HB 1, and on the development fort Vredeburg turns out to be a stalking motion-gerik sultan by the invaders. They worried about the extent of keraton Yogyakarta is believed will be enlarged and be a power against the invaders. Evidence of the plan’s rotten this is by diletakkannya cannons in the castle that has the range to disable the center of the kingdom of Jogja. But now, the place didn’t make it on the mission early and then it was the museum that is historic and to be part of the tour Jogja which is quite famous.Museum Fort Vredeburg
The Location Of The Fort Vredeburg

Museum Fort Vredeburg Over The Function Of The Right

The History Of The Founding Of The Fort

As we mention above, the Fort Vredeburg Yogyakarta built related the greatness of Kasultanan Yogyakarta. Agreement Giyanti 13 February 1755 who managed to finish the feud between Susuhunan Pakubuwono III to Prince Mangkubumi (Sultan HB I) is the result of political kompeni who always want to interfere in the affairs in the land of the king of Java. Seeing the progress keraton founded by Sultan Hamengku Buwono I, the concerns of the invaders began to appear. They proposed to the sultan to be allowed to build a fort called vredeburg near keraton. The reason so kompeni can maintain security kraton and surroundings. but the real purpose is to make it easier in controlling all the development going on in the keraton. Because the reason is considered reasonable, then the building of a fort to those granted in the year 1760 and the start of work.cannon in the museum vredeburg
The Condition Of Museum Vredeburg

Now, we can enjoy the relics of the historic as a museum that is very valuable. Even his name was altered since 23 november 1992 through MOST Mendikbud with the name of the Museum the Castle Yogyakarta. The building is like a fortress in general that surrounded the high walls closed meeting. Make anyone who doesn’t belong won’t never get in. Of the four corners also contained a tower in your sights worthwhile to see the circumstances around.

diorama museum vredeburgKondisi part in this place that has a history similar to the Fort the End of the point of view (Fort Rotterdam) which is the so-called secret tour Makassar, pretty manicured with neat. The room is in the museum of fort Vredeburg save hundreds of diorama that illustrates the about the struggle the nation of Indonesia until the time of the order new and some thing is historic, the photos and the painting struggle of the national. For visitors who want to get around by bike can hire a bike onthel for Rp. 5.000,-. And a touch of modern in this place is the existence of a hot spot area that is shared visitors with free.

Surfing at the Beach Krakal

Temple Borobudur

temple borobudurKeindahan this place that are capable of drug tourists is a great deal of invented to make the work of spetakuler a building that is high enough but can survive hundreds of years without having damage means. The temple Borobudur in Jogja it has one thing unique which rarely occurs in the minds of the visitors. Namely, how can, temples tall and big tersusun over thousands of miles can keep you safe though through an earthquake great in this area? When between the rocks that tersusun that there is no adhesive whatsoever. Strange, isn’t it?

Surfing at the Beach Krakal
Surfing at the Beach Krakal
the beach krakal jogjaTempat it’s actually been long enough known as a tourist destination in Yogyakarta. A row of rocks that poked out from under the waves often become the object photography. Lately, the beach Krakal be a place to surf has been a very stressful because of the type of wave “reef break” adventurous package for the surfer. The atmosphere of the big waves and the sharp reef is similar with beach Suluban Bali. If you fail, then gugusan reef on the edge as if ready to pounce. Not uncommon sounds of the tourist who suffered wounds all over the body sustained on a reef. Activities unique, extreme and intense it’s just like a tourist alien. Don’t forget to bring skateboard himself, because there’s no rental here.
Outbound Kalibiru

wisasta kalibiru yogyakartaObyek tour of nature and the outbound games this is the one place on holiday in Yogyakarta new known to the public. Located in the hills Menoreh in Kulon Progo. What’s interesting here? You will find the beauty of the scenery reservoir Sermo and south beach in the distance. Still impressed used? What if to enjoy a panoramic area, you must climb the fly over a wooden box in the tree-top high. Must have this is activities unique to probably be the first time you do it, isn’t it?
Masangin in the Square Kidul

masangin square kidulKegiatan tour night in this place it’s been generations do society. The location is in the garden behind the Keraton Jogja. Square kidul this every night around 1900 local time start crowded visited by participants masangin. The way was simple enough, that with closed eyes with the cloth, then walk between two beringin twins from a distance a certain. It is said that if you can get into the middle of beringin, the sign of her heart clean. Simple and easy? Of course not. Because it’s very rarely successful goes over it.
Climb the Cliffs in the Beach Siung

coral beach siung yogyakartaBagi who like to fill the holidays with activities climb a cliff, it’s not wrong if it’s slid into place tour. In the region of Yogyakarta, this place is the most extreme with the amount of track pemanjatan the most. there’s a 250 line pemanjatan here. If you have the guts, try to do it on the beach Siung. For those who don’t like climbing cliffs, this beach also offers a natural beauty that no tara. Gugusan reef-sized giant waiting for you to in the picture. Would you like to object to this.

5 Things Why Do We Need To Consume Organic K-Biogreen

5 Things Why Do We Need To Consume Organic K-Biogreen
5 Things Why Do We Need To Consume Organic K-Biogreen
1. Organic K-Biogreen Without Containing Pengawet
Organic K-Biogreen is a source of food bernutrisi high that doesn’t contain pengawet, chemicals and not having a genetically engineered, as well as the permission of the OCIA (Organic Crop Improvement Association) in the United States. Besides it’s also a food organic the growth and penympanannya don’t use pesticide, herbisida, fertilizer artificial, hormone growth, of biotechnology, iradiasi and antibiotic. So it’s safe to be consumed without creating side effects dangerous for the health our bodies.

2. Organic K-Biogreen Give Effect Detoksifikasi Natural
The fiber is high in organic K – Biogreen serves as detoksifikasi in the body. In the system, the way the fibre works to push food gently, cleaning up the remaining food and tie these substances are poisons that have been terakumulasi in the gut, as well as activate the movement of intestines in helping the process of dumping the rest of the feses which has long stuck to the wall of the gut. This led to often to poo, and sometimes feses generated can be elongated, coloured, dark, or smells. Besides the fiber which is high in Organic K – Biogreen sangta good bio green gold jakarta to help prevent constipation, lower sugar, cholesterol are excessive, to relieve the heat in, as well as good for the ulcer in menetralisirkelebihan stomach acid and reduce the risk of exposure to cancer of the bowel/kolon.

3. Organic K-Biogreen Lose Weight
The fibers high help in the absorption excess of lemakdi in the body. Unload a fat too much, that is under the skin tissue around the body, especially in the abdominal and turn it into energy. Besides the way the water is high enough in fiber can activate the movement of intestines and sate the stomach, so it can limit the consumption of food secera much, so it’s very effective in helping the process of decreasing weight.

4. Organic K-Biogreen Has The Womb Bifido-Bacteria
Bifido Bacteria function increase the immune system and stabilize the amount of flora intestine, function in that it describes the metabolism from the food and absorption of food. Besides Bifido-Bacteria can also prevent the problem konstipasi (hard poo), reduce insomnia, to have an influence beneficial, it reduces the state of stress when sick. Repair function of digestive tract in helping reduce the risk of cancer kolon.

5. Organic K-Biogreen Rich in Vitamins and Antioksidan
Because the Organic K-Biogreen consists of 58 type of unique, then he is rich in nutrients important for the health of the body. A wide variety of substances-substances fitokimia in vegetables and fruit, like acid folat, beta-karoten (pro-vitamin A), laktoflavin, sterol, flavonoid, indol and the other can play a role as antioksidan, functional tie radicals that cause the risk of tumour or cancer and increases the system imunitas. Besides it is also rich in vitamins C, B1, B2, B-complex, D and E, acid fat essential crew, omega 3 and omega 6, also rich in minerals required by the body, as the substance iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and other, so that the Organic K-Biogreen can be useful in balance the nutrients in the body, prevent arterosklerosis, activate the work of your liver, mengoptimalkan the hormone, governs the function of gland, help work the kidneys, keeping the health of the skin and delay the aging process early.